Wicked Chops Podcast: Noel Lee of Monster Products

Noel Lee has just made Barry Greenstein and F-Train very, very jealous.

Noel Lee (above center) making Barry Greenstein and F-Train very, very jealous.

The latest Wicked Chops Podcast is up. This go around we’re joined by Noel Lee (wiki link), Head Monster at Monster Products.

Not a lot of poker talk in this one, but Noel may be one of our favorite all-time guests. Abridged summation on Noel:

Noel’s parents immigrated from China to San Francisco after the communist party took control (USA!). Noel graduated from Cal-Poly. In 1972, he left an engineering job to play drums in an awesomely-named country rock cover band called Asian Wood. In 1979, wanting to improve the audio quality of listening to music, he started Monster. Flash forward to 2014, Monster is a monster-sized company and just inked a sponsorship deal with the World Poker Tour.

The pod isn’t heavy on poker but it’s really interesting.

Visit Monster here.


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