Wicked Chops Podcast: The Awesome 20

Glaring omission from the Awesome 20: Joanna Krupa

Glaring omission from the Awesome 20: Joanna Krupa

Here’s Part 2 of the latest Wicked Chops & GavinTM podcast. What happened to Part 1? Some back-end technical difficulties that we’re blaming on Falcon Heene. Little fucker is at it again. Part 1 should be up later today.

So Part 2 of the podcast was based on a brilliant Gavin Smith idea: the Awesome 20TM.

BLUFF each year puts out their Power 20, where peers vote on the most influential people in the industry. Completely out of spite for not making it We’re taking a different approach though, discussing some of the more awesome people in the industry.

Like when giving an Oscar speech, we kinda Chad Lowe’d this and forgot a few names. Happens. But this is a good starter.


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