Wicked Chops Podcast: What Poker Can Learn From American Idol

What does Danica Thrall have to do with this podcast? Absolutely nothing.

Latest Wicked Chops Podcast is now live (below) and on iTunes.

Before you download (or now, maybe don’t), a disclaimer: we like American Idol. And a good 30 of the 60 minutes in this podcast is about American Idol. And some of that 30 minutes is about what poker can learn from…American Idol.

The rest of it breaks down the 2011 PCA Main Event live broadcast with special guest, WPT live reporting lead Jeff Holsey. And why Jeff Holsey was the only person we knew who hated The Walking Dead.

And oh yeah, the rest is about American Idol. Paging Change100. We’re roping you into this podcast next week.


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  1. slim

    January 21, 2011 10:21 am, Reply

    Just wanted to say thanks for having me on the show and since you hipsters love zombies so much I thought I would keep this Walking Dead discussion alive with one more point.

    In order to be the best you have to beat the best and WD failed to develop even one defining character. Rick Grimes is good but not strong enough to push them into the “greatest of all time” discussion:

    (Only Season 1 characters)
    The Wire – Omar, Avon, Stringer, McNulty, Bunk, Bubbles, on and on…
    Sopranos – Tony Soprano
    Breaking Bad – Walter White, Jesse Pinkman
    Deadwood – Swearengen
    Mad Men – Don Draper

    Walking Dead – ?

    Even Dexter has ‘Dexter’ and 24 at least had Jack Bauer.

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