Wicked Chops Podcast with John Pappas

PPA Executive Director John Pappas joins us for the latest Wicked Chops Podcast.

It’s possible we’ve been critical of the PPA in the past.

While we’ve always applauded the ease which the PPA enables the public to communicate with their representatives, we haven’t been fans of their overall communications in selling the online poker regulation message.

However, recently it seems like they’ve moved closer towards the “hey, this will create tax revenue and jobs” message we’ve been championing for awhile and have managed to stay relevant since Black Friday (easier said than done).

So joining us for our latest podcast to address how the PPA is adapting and evolving in a post-4/15 world is Executive Director John Pappas. We cover the PPA’s messaging, how the group has coped with Black Friday, what they’re doing to assist regulatory passage of legalized online poker, and what the chances are that regulation occurs soon.

Listen in below or download the podcast on iTunes.

And to join the PPA, go here.


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