Wicked Chops Podcast With Johnny Lodden, Bryan Micon, and Bernard Lee

In our latest podcast, we find out what Johnny Lodden thinks of Rachel Nordtomme.

New episode of the Wicked Chops Podcast is now up (and available on iTunes).

The ‘cast starts with a great segment from Donkdown‘s Bryan Micon. We discuss the infiltration of porn stars into this year’s WSOP, how Donkdown separated from Neverwin, and actively recruit one of the poker community’s most unexpectedly respected guys– Kevmath–to mod the Donkdown forum.

We then catch up with Johnny Lodden for a quick segment, getting his take on our Rachel Nordtømme pics and his impending fatherhood.

Wrapping it up is a segment with Bernard Lee, where he discusses this year’s deep run and how he’s stretched a 13th place WSOP Main Event finish into more opportunities than anyone in the history of poker.


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