Wicked Chops Poker at Nine Years – Part I

Has it really been 9 freaking years?

Has it really been 9 freaking years?

Nine years ago today, the Entities Who Compromise Wicked Chops Poker launched Wicked Chops Poker.

We can’t necessarily say it’s been an “unexpected wild ride” because most of what we set out to do back in 2005 we actually did. WCP acted as an effective launching point for our careers in gaming, it got big, it got small, and all in all we’re better off for it.

So while “unexpected” isn’t the right word to describe the past nine years, “interesting” definitely fits the bill.

Collectively before poker, the Entities have worked in law firms, venture capital firms, Fortune 250 institutions, start-ups, grinded out PR repping bands and music festivals…we’ve been all over the board. The characters we’ve met in the poker industry trump all the people in all of the other industries we’ve worked with combined–and squared. Good or (often) bad, it’s not even close. People we didn’t think we’d like majorly surprised us in a good way. And some people we thought we knew or had an idea of what they’d be like let us down in major ways. So is life. So is business. Live, learn, move on.

We have no idea how long we’ll keep this site going–but “not another 9 years” is a safe bet. By the end of the year, all Entities will be over 40. Sites like BLUFF, OPP OPR, PokerFuse and the re-launched ALL-IN are doing great content that we’re genuinely envious of. Fuckers. Screw you guys.

But we still have a little bark left and a lot of bite. For the next few days, we’ll be celebrating this 10th upcoming year in the biz with some recap pasts of favorite industry moments of the past, and some looking forward predictions.

For those who have stuck around all this time, thanks. More to come…




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