Wicked Chops Poker Wants to Sweat You

Be part of something greater.

Smiling_peopleAre you playing in the WSOP ME next week? Would you like to share your experience with literally zillions of readers?

Wicked Chops Poker is looking to sweat five WSOP ME runners for as long as you can handle it. Aside from receiving a shiny new WCP shirt and pseudo and fleeting celebrity status, you will get to tell your story, your best bluffs, your great laydowns, and what it’s like to play in the world’s best sporting event to all of our readers.

Group_of_smiling_people_1For those unsure (the Addict), “sweating” is one of many “gay” sounding terms that has somehow made it into our collective lexicon. Like “backdoor.” Or “suck out.” Or “flop the nuts.” Or “corkin’d”. Regardless, sweating means that we will follow you, watch you, stalk and kill you, and report on your doings.

So be like one of these smiling people from the standard schlocky corporate stock photography we stole for this post and join the team!!!

If you’re interested, please send an email to contact@wickedchopspoker.com with the following info:

Omopic_1– Your name
– How you qualified
– Your live tournament experience
– Your online tournament experience
– You blog/website (if you have one)
– Which first day flight you are playing
РSomething “unique” about yourself
– What your WCP headline would be if you won the Main Event
– Who would be sitting at your dream WSOP final table

We will then select the top 5 and get in contact with you next week. So be prepared to bring it.


2 Responses

  1. Ten Mile

    July 20, 2006 1:18 pm, Reply

    But if they do what you request, they cannot sign the press releases required by the fine folks of ESPN – Catch 22.
    They lose.Ah, even winning.But you knew that didn’t you?

  2. snake

    July 20, 2006 1:35 pm, Reply

    our policy is to neither confirm nor deny what we actually know and while doing so, to disregard all conventional wisdom when it comes to so-called legal constraints imposed on said players.

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