Wicked Chops Poker Will Be In Vegas May 5 – 9


The entitities that comprise Wicked Chops Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Wicked Chops Poker, aka WCP, aka the Cracker Pack (pictured above, from left to right, Snake, Chops, and Addict…more pics at the jump), will be in that tropical paradise by the sea known as Las Vegas from May 5 – 9–and possibly longer if any one of said entitities qualify for the WSOP Circuit ME at Caesars. 

Joining the WCP crew will be FsOWCP (Friends of…) DMc and Gaybek, and word has it a few 4SPT peeps are trippin’ in from LA.  Sammy "Killer" Reid would join as well but he just started a new job this week.  But don’t cry for Sammy, that lucky fucker will probably win the lottery while we’re gone.  Asshole.

Drop us a line if you’ll be in Vegas as well (contact@wickedchopspoker.com).  While we’ll be spending most (read: all) of our time in card rooms, we’re always (read: occassionally) up for meeting like-minded souls (read: chicks) who dig cards (read: are hot, preferably Brazilian). 

If any of the WsOWCP (Wives of…) are reading this, we’re just being funny sweet honey bunnies. We’ll be missing you like that John Waite song, "Missing You". 

Oh yeah, there will be some WCP business conducted, as we’ll be talking with the head of Poker Royalty, Brian Balsbaugh, Bodog pro Evy Ng and Absolute Poker pro and model Lacey Jones, among others.  Look for those stories next week. Or sometime.

So we’ll see you there, unless, of course, we don’t.

Snake1 Chops1 Addict1

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  1. gaybeck

    May 2, 2006 8:37 am, Reply

    who wants to see pictures of you guys? The chick in the cowboy hat with the rack is nice tho.

  2. Bill Rini

    May 5, 2006 8:46 am, Reply

    Ahhh, you’re going to miss the LA blogger crew. Hanel’s getting hitched on the 12th so HDouble, myself, Hanel, and a few other Murder’s Row regulars will be in LV Thur – Sun.

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