Wicked Chops Poker’s Invaluable Advice of the Day

We Entities of Wicked Chops Poker are not so much about dishing out poker advice on a regular basis as we are about never dishing out poker advice. That’s best left for other people to serve up for you.

However, on occasion, we do feel the need to dish out “life” advice that should be considered so valuable that it’s invaluable, like:

If you’re ever going to let a hot chick slap you in the face, and it didn’t hurt, don’t tell her that it was like a 3-year-old hitting you. Lie and say, “Ouch, that was a really good slug. Like Maria Sharapova with a tennis racket but completely different because you’re way hotter than Maria Sharapova baby. Way hotter.”

For those who need video evidence of what not to do, see the video of a guy telling a hot chick she slaps like a 3-year-old after the jump, as well as photos of Maria Sharapova, of course.

Click here for link to video.



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