Wicked Chops Spreads Bodog Virus, Millions Infected

BeaverlapdanceJust like that old saying “Every nice beaver needs a good lap dance” (or is it “every good lap dance needs a nice beaver?), online wagering/poker site Bodog has just unleashed a new viral marketing campaign entitled “Thank God For Football” featuring video clips of a beaver mascot slapping a stripper on the ass, dads kicking the shit out of each other and mean-spirited parents who leave the family dog on the side of the road, all of which involve improbable bets that lead one to say (or at least the copy in the viral spots to say) “THANK GOD FOR FOOTBALL . . . SO WE CAN BET ON THINGS THAT REALLY MATTER.”

Of course, for Middle Eastern websites “God” has been changed to “Allah the Most Merciful,” and as expected, web surfers in Berkeley, California have filed a class action lawsuit against Bodog under the separation of God and Football clause of the 1st Amendment.

Word has it that a few peeps in the Bodog office came up with this campaign when they were about two bottles of cheap scotch into a poker game and some drunk fool posed the query: What if there was no football? Indeed, proof that cheap scotch and cards has IQ-enhancing powers that you, Bodog, Wicked Chops and Minneapolis Meehan have only begun to tap into.

So in the spirit of Wicked Chops Poker’s proud legacy of spreading viruses (maybe we should start a campaign similar to “Thank God for Football” but call ours “Thank God for Penicillin”), we encourage you to check out the clips to see some of the funny scenarios they thought of.

Oh yeh, they’re over at www.ThankGodforFootball.com.

Virt_bar2chicksSub_chickWhile we like the Bodog clips, we must say that as far as viral Internet campaigns go, we’re bigger fans of “command input” (we just invented that term) sites such as the Virtual Bartender and the Subservient Chicken or perhaps even the now-404-page-not-found Victoria’s Secret Pink Panty Poker site. Seriously, wouldn’t you love to be infected by a viral campaign featuring a bunch of hot, scantily clad Bodog chicks sitting around a Bodog-logoed poker table and you can tell them to _____________ (fill in the blank on the comments page you perv) on a poker table?

Stay posted, as Wicked Chops Poker will soon be reviewing and sharing a few screen shots of the new Bodog commercials slated to appear in a few weeks on TV and movie screens.


7 Responses

  1. the dude

    October 20, 2005 10:03 am, Reply

    thanks for wasting my entire morning at work by sending me to the bodog page and most of all the virtual bartender … i swear there must be a way to get their clothes off. it must be done.
    back to my tps reports

  2. Aye_Aye

    October 20, 2005 2:58 pm, Reply

    That VB2 thing is a total scam. I typed “Fart on each other” and they both just shook their heads and acted like they didn’t know what I was talking about! I see through them, I do.

  3. Aye Aye

    October 21, 2005 7:10 am, Reply

    You’re absoulutely right. But, even if they did fart, it definitely wasn’t on each other. And that’s what I specifically asked for. I demand excellence in flatulance. Always have….

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