Wicked Chops State Lotteries Girl of 2006?

FhmnovkeeleyKeeley Hazell, the official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006 (a completely made-up accolade created solely to give us a reason to share photos of Keeley for no reason at all), is way too classy to be the official Wicked Chops State Lotteries Girl of 2006, and when we say classy we mean bodaciously breasted, hot as balls and speaks the Queen’s English.

No, for the official Wicked Chops State Lotteries Girl of 2006 we need a girl that says “state lotteries” just by looking her. Don’t get us wrong though. She must be hot doable but she also must be the archetypal beauty for the average person who plays the lottery regularly and the 0.00000049% who win. And while we have a few girls in mind who we think fit the bill, we’d definitely like to hear your thoughts.

While you’re deliberating, check out Keeley’s new “Seduction Special” spread in FHM UK over at DailyNiner.com, which if you view at work, will likely give you a raise and get you fired at the same time. Also, after the jump is another one of them Keeley Hazell videos. This one from her first FHM shoot, which strangely has her talking a bunch without her saying the word “boobs” every sentence.


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