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This sent from a reader who was sitting at a table next to Anna Benson of Gold Digger Poker during during Day 1A play:

"I was one table away from [Anna] yesterday, and she was so [f-bombing] obnoxious, telling everyone what a huge star she was, and trying so hard to provoke the dealers, the floors, and the players. I think everyone within six tables wished we were online and we could have muted her."

Also, she looked like "Florida trailer trash."

Wait wait wait. Trailer Trash? A former stripper who says she’d bang all of her husband’s teammates if he ever philandered on her? Surely, we can’t be talking about the same (publicity) whore Anna Benson, can we?

Can we?


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  1. Anonymous

    September 21, 2006 3:16 am, Reply

    you notice, too, that this statement was supposedly sent by “a reader who was sitting at a table next to Anna Benson…”
    that’s right: “a reader.” no name; no identification of any kind. simply, “a reader.”
    until you can name your source, the statement has no credibility and no value. it’s meaningless, like Fox News anchors claiming that “a lot of people are saying…” this or that right-wing-view-supporting thing. anybody can say they heard anything, as long as they don’t have to identify the person they heard say it.

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