Wicked Chops WSOP Gossip

Joannakrupawsop2_2Nine guys at the 2006 World Series of Poker got a hell of a lot more out of their $10,000 buy-in than everyone else did. They got to sit down at the same table as Joanna Krupa, the former Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006 and a past Friday Night Parting Shot Girl. We also hear she’s been in Playboy or some magazine like that. When asked by someone (who will remain nameless) what’s it like to play at the same table as Joanna Krupa, a guy seated at Joanna’s table (who will remain nameless) said, “It’s hard playing poker with a hard on.”

But that’s not the gossip here, as I was just reminded by glancing at the title for this post that this post was suppose to be about gossip and not hard ons. Word has it that Joanna’s Milwaukee’s Best Light seat cushion was stolen during the dinner break and has already been found on eBay. You know, that site that wants you arrested for playing online poker.


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