Will Jon Lane Buy an “H” with All of His Chips?

Jon Lane, who doesn’t have an "h" in his name, unofficially leads the 2006 WSOP after Day 2A with an unofficial tally of 405,000 chips.

Here’s what we know about Jon Lane:

We have a friend from back in the day in Georgia named John. For years, we intentionally left the "h" out of his name on everything from checks to our fraternity scroll. Eventually, after years of doing this, during the Falcons Super Bowl game, he asked us, "Guys, why do you leave the ‘h’ out of my name? My name has an ‘h’ in it, you know." So we said, "Fine. We’ll recognize you have an ‘h.’ But we’re putting it at the front of your name and it ain’t gonna be silent." (true story all around, by the way)

So from then on, we called him "hJon" (aach-Jon). Or sometimes just "h" for short.

We tell you this because we don’t have much info to share with you on Jon Lane yet. He is with team PokerStars (read their excellent WSOP blog, btw), he’s from Osh Kosh, WI, he’s 22 years old, he’s cashed in five major live tournaments, and his pocket 9’s made a full-house to knock Chip Reese out of the ME. Other than that, we can only make the following assumptions: 1) his friends are nicer than we are, since as far as we know he doesn’t have some ridiculous nickname, 2) he enjoys playing poker, and 3) he likely likes cheese and beer.

But that’s all we got.

* Photo from the PokerStars blog.


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