Will Tribeca’s Pull Out Leave Doyle Brunson Hanging?

44_1_1Gambling911.com reported yesterday that the recently acquired Tribeca Tables poker network, which hosts DoylesRoom.com, would no longer be allowing new U.S. customers to play at its poker sites, effective immediately, and that all U.S. IPs would be banned effective February 28, which our calendar reports is the last day of this month.

“While Tribeca announced a few months ago that they would no longer be allowing US customers at its poker rooms, those being served on the Tribeca network believed they had more time to find a new network,” says the article.

Apparently the people behind the site run by innocent man Doyle Brunson have been working around the clock like Nike sweatshop workers to develop its own network, and it isn’t certain whether after February 28 U.S. players, including Brunson, will be temporarily shut out of DoylesRoom.com or if the site will have its own software by then.

Looking over at the 2+2 forum, apparently reps from DoylesRoom.com are saying there won’t be any dowtime.

Posted krazyace5:

I just ask a Doyles rep if there was any truth to that article.

They said “yes it is true, we are moving to our own software.”

Will there be any downtime where US players cannot play?
“we don’t believe so, we should be up before then”

Couldn’t get any solid dates or even if the dates in the article are correct, they just said an email will be sent to notify everyone.

We’ll keep you posted, maybe.


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