Win an Entry Into Daniel’s Big Swing Golf Tourney + 2009 WSOP Package

This GOTR can't believe what they're giving away on Stars this weekend...

Event this GOTR can't believe what they're giving away on Stars this weekend...

Poker Stars is running $16.50+R turbo qualifiers all weekend into $320 tourney on June 14 at 20:15 (military time) ET to win a pretty killer WSOP and golfing package. Here’s the details:

As posted last month, Daniel Negreanu is hosting a charity golf event (Daniel’s Big Swing) to benefit the Lili Claire Foundation. The event is a chance to play golf and gamble with Daniel and a bunch of other pros (Erick Lindgren, Bill Edler, Josh Arieh, Gavin Smith, to name a few).

If you win an entry on Stars, you receive: 1) Around a $2-3k entry into Big Swing, all proceeds going to Lili Claire, 2) a $1,500 WSOP seat, 3) $750 in airfare, 4) a hotel room at Planet Hollywood. will be on hand to cover it all, so you might end up being sort of famous via the Internet. Or at least have some proof for your friends that you won some $$$ off pro poker players.

Or if you’re a baller and just want to buy into the charity golf tourney without qualifying, contact Elaine at Poker Royalty here. If you go that route, then book your Las Vegas hotel room here.

Sooo…the $320 Poker Stars qualifier is on Sunday, June 14. Find it by searching for tournament ID 170942700. And below is a list of all the $16.50+R turbo sats to  the $320 qualifier:

Friday, 19:15 ET: 170943545 | Friday, 22:15 ET: 170943601
Saturday, 13:15 ET: 170943829 | Saturday, 16:15 ET: 170943860 | Saturday, 19:15 ET: 170943900 | Saturday, 22:15 ET: 170943928
Sunday, 13:15 ET: 170943964 | Sunday, 16:15 ET: 170944006 | Sunday, 17:15 ET: 170944099 | Sunday, 18:15 ET: 170944141


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