With 300 Left Here’s Our Ideal Final Table

We’re at dinner break of Day 5 of the 2010 WSOP Main Event. There are about 300 or so remaining and exactly 2 women.

Looking at who’s left, here is our double rainbow of a November NineTM:

Fokke Beukers, Phil ‘OMGClayAiken’ Galfond, Johnny Chan, Jean-Robert Bellande, Imari Love, Breeze Zuckerman, Dragan Galic*, Scotty Nguyen

It’s a perfect list. First, you’ve got a guy named Fokke Beukers. You’ve got an online icon with OMGClayAiken. You’ve got a villian in Johnny Chan. Jean-Robert needs the $$$. Imari Love is an African-American. Breeze Zuckerman, a woman, is a sweet woman. Dragan Galic is not a real dragon. And Scotty Nguyen baby. Perfect.

However, looking at the list, here’s who we anticipate will make the N9:

Sanghyon Cheong, Richard Morgan, Farshad Fardad, Pascal LeFrancois, Bojan Gledovic, Ted Ely, Todd Brick, Damien Luis, Cuong Nguyen

Whatever. Matt Affleck is the current chip leader. Fokke Beukers, Clay Aiken, Johnny Chan, and Jean-Robert Bellande are in the top 50. Get full chip counts here.

Fokke Beukers.

* Not a real dragan.


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