Women Continue Their Dominance of WSOP Main Event

Mariaho5503For the 37th straight year, women continue to dominate the field in the WSOP Main Event.

In fact, with 112 players remaining, there are no less than 2 woman left in the 2007 WSOP Main Event field: Kelly Jo McGlothlin, a woman, and Maria Ho (at right), a woman.

This impressive showing comes on the heels of Sabyl Cohen’s remarkable 56th place finish last year, and Tiffany Williamson’s miraculous 15th place finish in 2005.

There is a debate among poker media whether or not to bump this impressive tally up to three woman, as many are still unsure how to classify scarf-wearing Dario Minieri.

Stay tuned as we track Ho and McGlothlin’s historic progress.

* Image from Poker Pages.


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