Woods: “I’ve decided I want to be the greatest poker player in the world.”

According to a recent issue of The Week, James Woods (who is still in contention at the LAPC) has decided that he wants to be the greatest poker player in the world.  Phil Ivey be damned.

After correctly putting Johnny Chan on A-K during one hand of their "epic" match-up at the National Heads Up Poker Championship last year (a match he eventually lost, btw), Woods now claims to have X-ray vision and routinely calls out opponent’s hands.  Says Woods, "I’ve entered a zone that is unbelievable."

RockettesThe quote machine continues by saying that he’s sick of making, "douche bag, feminist movies" and plans on winning the WSOP so he can, "retire and spend a weekend in bed with four Rockettes."

Not kidding.

And all of this leaves us wondering: 1) Has he not made enough during his movie career that he can’t do this already?, and 2) Who the fuck still has fantasies about Rockettes?  What’s next, wanting a twi-night double-header with the ghost of Bettie Paige?

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