World Poker Tour Crowns Youngest Champion:
Nick Schulman

NicksThe WPT’s World Poker Finals at Foxwoods crowned it’s youngest ever champion on Friday, as 12 year-old Nick Schulman beat Anthony Licastro for the title.

Ok, so he only looks 12 years old.  Chops looks 14 most of the time so who are we to talk.  Schulman is actually "barely poker legal" at 21.  The kid played great, and for the win, he banks $2,167,500.  Even better, he wins a Wampum belt from Foxwoods (for real), which would be great if this were the 1600’s, cause he could’ve bought all of Manhattan island from the Indians with it along with some furs and 60 guilders.

Anthony Licastro takes home $1,035,000 for second.

As reported on CardPlayer, Schulman has already "turned down a Monday night appearance on Late Show with David Letterman because he doesn’t want to be famous."  He then said he wouldn’t mind going on Conan.  Seems like a good kid, this Schulman. 

The rest of the final table payouts were as follows: 3rd: Bill Gazes – $759,000, 4th: Allen Cunningham -$483,000, 5th: Lyle Berman $345,000, and 6th: Lenny Cortellino – $276,000.   


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