Worst News Ever? Oral Sex and Pot Linked to Forms of Cancer

Ggw_red_apple_hot_pinkIn what has to be the most crushing news ever to players at ReeferPoker.com and dudes all around the world in general, Johns Hopkins University is releasing a study next week revealing that pot consumption and oral sex are linked to certain forms of cancer.

Aw come on wtf.

Specifically, the Johns Hopkins study cites that smoking pole and smoking weed are linked to certain types of head (uh-huh-huh) and neck cancers:

"Head and neck cancers that were positive for HPV 16 were associated with having more oral sex partners and smoking more marijuana."

"Head and neck cancers that were negative for HPV 16 weren’t linked to sex or marijuana. Instead, they were tied to smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and having poor oral hygiene."

Why ruin everyone’s day with this, Johns Hopkins? What good can you possibly accomplish? Why not just sit on this one? And what other studies do you have up your sleeve? Watching SEC football makes you impotent? Having unprotected sex with crack whores may spread HIV? Go ahead, ruin all of the fun.

Read the article here.


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