WPT Borgata Poker Classic: Gavin Griffin Takes the Chip Lead

WPT Borgata Poker ClassicIf you’re a fan of the new WPT website like we are, then you probably already know that Gavin Griffin was awarded the Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day.

And one doesn’t win that award for playing like a damn p*ssy. No way, bub.

In fact, Gavin Griffin ended Day 2 of the presumptuously-named WPT Borgata Poker Classic as chip leader, stacked at 563,000 (and earning himself a year’s supply of almonds).

Gavin is trailed by Noah Schwartz, who is second overall with 477,000. Other big named big stacks include Justin Bonomo (377,400), Lee Watkinson (373,000), Jared Hamby (301,800), day 1 chip leader Lenny Cortellino (258,400), Jordan Rich, who is a ginger (249,900), Al Krux, who may or may not actually be Jason Lester or Creed from The Office (U.S. American version) (244,500), and Vanessa Rousso, who is from Duke (211,300).

Get full chip counts here and live reporting here.


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