WPT Hostess Layla Kayleigh is a Vlogger

World Poker Tour Season 6 hostess Layla Kayleigh has amazing breasts posted a video blog today starring her amazing breasts on MySpace that gives her fans a look at her amazing breasts life on poker’s most popular televised tour. The video, which she filmed alone with her amazing breasts in her room at Foxwoods, is the first of a series of video diaries that the British born beauty with the amazing breasts plans to post on her MySpace page, which you can visit to see photos featuring her amazing breasts here.

In related news, Layla Kayleigh has amazing breasts.


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  1. Tony

    November 28, 2007 12:57 pm, Reply

    LMAO!!! @ “you guys”
    My favorite part was when it was over since I don’t understand the language of “braindead-bimbo.”

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