WPT LAPC: The Gavin Smith – Joe Sebok Last Longer Prop Bet

About halfway through Day 1 at the WPT LAPC, and Joe Sebok is well positioned to outlast Gavin Smith in their latest Prop Bet.

The first of the two to get eliminated will receive a tattoo of the other guy’s initials on their ass.

For real.

Sebok, who started the day seated at a table with 2006 WSOP ME champ Jamie Gold (Gold lasted under two hours), is stacked around 32k. Gavin Smith is getting dangerously low. It’s getting so dire, David Williams, who is seated at Gavin’s table, is giving him advice on how to stay alive longer.

Says Sebok: "Broken ankles mean nothing to me. I will crush souls and I will stomp dreams."

Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Joe Sebok is the chip leader. Gavin Smith down to 11k.


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