WPT Marks Its Territory on Foxwoods Casino

Story provided by: Beans

Fw_logoFoxwoods Casino will be opening their upgraded poker room next month and the World Poker Tour will have their name all over it.  Just as Foxwoods was the first casino to sign with the WPT, the room will be the first to carry the WPT name and will hold two WPT events during the season

Wptheader1"It makes sense for the two giants in the industry to come together and do something," said Kathy Raymond, Foxwoods’ director of poker operations.  Raymond went on to say that the poker room will expand from 76 tables to 114 tables and will feature upgraded technology for signing up players which will cut down on wait times, and automatic card shuffling which will allow for more games to be played (meaning that you can lose your money at a higher rate than ever before). The new room will also feature a restaurant, the 5th Street Caf√©, hold tournaments 7 days a week, and, of course, sell WPT merchandise.

WPT CEO, Steve Lipscomb, said that they are looking for poker rooms that resemble the tournaments that they televise and will be looking to expand their relationship with other casinos in the future. "We look for a select number of very well-appointed poker rooms, run by the top casino managers in the business to bear our name in the future," Lipscomb said. "We will be very careful in selecting our licensees to ensure the highest quality."

With the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker fighting over players, ratings, and tournaments, will there eventually be a rush to sign poker rooms to sponsorship deals? As the two giants do battle, it would seem that casinos the world over will start looking to upgrade their poker rooms to attract the possible endorsement of either the WPT or WSOP.  And that really just benefits the players.


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  1. snake

    February 23, 2006 3:56 pm, Reply

    well there we have it. i wanted to get up a review of foxwoods on our site and didnt want to have to fly and bus myself there to do so.
    i think the way you summed it up is succinct and informative.
    altho if someone feels differently please share.

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