WPT Mirage Final Table: Will the “Weiss” Be Right? (terrible, sorry) Will The Grinder’s Big Bro Break Through? Or Can Williams Come From Behind to Lick Them All?

The WPT Mirage TV final table is set, with Stan Weiss leading the way, stacked at 2,437,000.   Following a trend of recent newcomers making their first major tourney final table, Stan won an earlier event at the Mirage Poker Showdown (the $500 NLH, banking $75,549). 

Behind Stan is the oldest of the Mizrachi brothers, the man responsible for teaching the Grinder how to be a machine, and one of the Circle of Outlaws, Robert Mizrachi.  And what the hell, let’s make Robert the Wicked Chops Poker prediction to take the WPT title.  And while we’re at it, Elliott Yamin goes home tonight on American Idol. You heard it hear first.

Lastly, David Williams, (WHOM NOTHING INTERESTING HAS HAPPENED TO RECENTLY), continues his strong run, sitting with the fourth biggest (chip) stack at the final table.

Here’s the full final table chip counts. 1) Stan Weiss – 2,437,000, 2) Robert Mizrachi – 2,019,000, 3) Devin Porter – 964,000, 4) David Williams – 921,000, 5) Harry Demetriou – 822,000, 6) Steve Frederick – 545,000.


3 Responses

  1. ronpopeil

    May 17, 2006 11:00 am, Reply

    any truth to the rumor that he yells “toss that salad” everytime the dealer shuffles the cards?

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