WPT Out To Ruin Valentine’s Day for Well-Intentioned Men Everywhere

Alternate Title: Yeah, Honey, You Know How I Play Poker All of the Time and Stuff?  Well to Constantly Remind You of That, I‚Äôve Bought You This Beautiful WPT Neclace!!!

Logohomeleft_1The WPT has decided to lend it‚Äôs name and image to something that will get every poker playing male in a lot of trouble this Valentine‚Äôs Day: WPT Jewelry.   The potential for many a relational bad beat on this is off the charts.

Seriously, let‚Äôs try to follow the logic behind this move.  While WPT continues to find interesting ways to capitalize on the poker ‚Äúfad‚Äù sweeping the world by partnering with Jewelry Crossings on this venture, is whatever financial gain they receive from WPT bling enough to justify the possible retribution of shamed males the world over?

Reports Susi Van Wickle, owner of the Jewelry Crossings Company and Web site, “WPT jewelry allows men and women to give a unique gift that incorporates love and love of poker on the most romantic day of the year. The WPT jewelry brings an element of fun to gift-giving for both men and women, and we hope the jewelry brings romance and good luck to all our customers.”

Herein lies the problem.  Many good-intentioned males will buy their significant other an item from this poker-inspired jewelry line thinking, ‚ÄúI like poker, she likes jewelry, this is a win-win situation!‚Äù
Unfortunately, what could be less “win-win” than giving her a constant reminder of the monosyllabic grunts she hears in response to her questions while you are in front of your laptop, or the “sshhing” you give her in the middle of a big hand, or the time spent sitting by herself at home while you are out (more than likely) losing money, and the interminable “bad beat” stories that accompany you when you finally come stumbling through the door at 2am.

Just remember, it is never the thought that counts, only what you make her think about (kind of like in poker, “what does he think I have, or what can I make him think I have”, get it?).

MorganantOh, and on a side note, having the ‚Äúpopular comedian ‘ANT‚Äô‚Äù (at right, creepy) showing off one‚Äôs jewelry does not a fortune make, nor does using the words ‚Äúpopular‚Äù or ‚Äúcomedian‚Äù make him either of those things.

Editor’s Note: This story was submitted to Wicked Chops Poker by Beaner, aka Beans, aka JW Linde, of sotherewewere.  Beans will be a regular contributor to WCP. Also, for those who think we have too many pictures of attractive women on the site, hopefully the Ant picture cancels out any tingly feelings you might have had from the pics on our last few posts.


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