WPT Royal Flush Girls Photoshoot

During the WPT Five Diamond, the Royal Flush Girls got together for a bikini photo shoot.

Given that 90% of you readers have a penis, and on occasion you enjoy seeing hot girls wearing bikinis, and even the 10% of our readers who lack penises don’t mind seeing hot girls in bikinis (otherwise, why are you still coming back here?), we figured you’d probably like the above video.

– Is it just us, or are the RFGs getting more exotic looking?
– A blonde RFG just wouldn’t seem right at this stage.
– Isaac is still not the father.
Falcon Henne.


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  1. wilson

    January 25, 2012 10:17 am, Reply

    I wish Melanie Iglesias was still a royal flush girl, she was by far the hottest of the group.

    Asian girls are hot, but maybe they could have a group of girls who don’t look (for the most part) interchangeable.

    Maybe that’s why I thought Melanie was the hottest. She isn’t a carbon copy of the RFG’s as they stand now.

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