WPT Season Six Starts Today; Where’s Sabina’s Replacement?

The sixth season of the World Poker Tour kicks off today with the Mirage Poker Showdown, and no hot blonde has yet been named as the new WPT hostess.

WptlogoWhile at the WPT World Championship we overheard multiple people whose last name ryhmes with Fadecki mentioning that ultra-cute Sabini Gadecki would likely not be returning as hostess this season. She was as good as Friel’d. So we figured that Lipscomb & Co. would’ve had another tall, attractive blonde lined up any day now.

Instead, the only thing we’ve heard from the WPT lately is this open forum (read this exactly crafted letter from Matt Matros) about revising the final table blind structure. Here’s an idea: make the blind structure less aggressive so the guys and occassional fluke woman participants can play more. Look, we just saved you hours of internal debate! Genius!

Now go on to naming your next hot host already.

For live blogging updates of the WPT Mirage Poker Showdown, click here.


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