WPT Shooting Star Final Table: Stacked But Much Less Interesting

Let’s get this out of the way: the WPT Shooting Star final table is stacked with some serious talent.

2007shooting_onAmir Sheyesteh leads everyone with 2,731,00. We’ll have to assume he’s good. He doesn’t have much of a track record in major events. But we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, although we’re typically totally against giving anyone the benefit of the doubt, because in general people fucking suck.

Sheyesteh is trailed by someone with a serious track record in major events: Ted Forrest. Last year’s National Heads Up champ was short-stacked much of the day, but ended up in second position with just over 2M.

Also remaining is James Van Alstyne, as well as J.J. Liu, who is a woman and is making her second WPT final table, and Bill Edler, who made a (non-TV) final table recently at the WPT LAPC.

Get full chip counts here.


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  1. Slim

    March 16, 2007 12:06 pm, Reply

    JJ’s 2nd WPT Final Table but 3rd WPT appearance. She won WPT Ladies Night IV. Yes it was an invitational and yes it was only 6 players and yes the other 5 were women but a win is a win right?
    Please do not check my IP address.

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