WPT Shooting Stars: Baskin, Madsen, Forrest, Seidel Among Day 1B Chip Leaders

Do you remember Clint Baskin?

We didn’t really either. But the name sounded familiar. So we "google’d" him on our site and re-discovered he won a WSOP-C event last year, besting Daniel Negreanu’s first protege, Brian Fidler.Madsenclose_1_1

When play wrapped at the WPT Shooting Stars for Day 1B, Baskin led the field, stacked at around 200k.

Other leaders include Jeff Madsen (at right), who still seems intent on sticking to his arch-rival E-Fro, as well as Ted Forrest, Erik Seidel, Barry Greenstein, and WCP fave Joe Pelton.

Day 2 gets underway at 3pm EST today with the combined fields from Day 1a and Day 1b. Get full chip counts at Card Player.


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