WPT Spanish Championship on Siesta After Day 2, Unlike Spanish Workers Since 2006

Aside from the hot Spanish babes (like Emilia Attias below) and good drugs, one thing we always admired about Spain was their tradition of a taking two-to-three hour daily siesta (or "nap" in English) during lunch.

It’s a common bond us Entities share with our Spanish brethren. We as well take siestas each day, although ours are from around 9am till 8pm, because as everyone knows, a good nap is the best way to recharge or recover from a hangover or drug induced blackout.

And that’s where the Spanish were genius. Spain not only recognized the power of napping, they embraced it. Not siestaing in Spain would be like electing a woman President in U.S. America. Totally, completely unfathomable. It was woven into the fabric of their culture.

Yet, for reasons that we’ll never understand, the Spanish Government began mandating a new one hour lunch break instead of the traditional multi-houred siesta last year.

Did Spain lose a non-1898 war? Did they elect fascists? How could they let this happen?

Chip counts here. For more on the importance of napping, here


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