WPT World Poker Finals: Will It Be a Woman?

Could this be it?

Is it finally happening?

Could a woman–a woman–win a major $10k buy-in event?

The final table is good to go for the WPT’s World Poker Finals and not one but two–TWO–women are in position for the title. Top pros Mimi Tran and Kathy Liebert are stacked second and third overall, respectively, going into final table play.

Farhadsinaei_003We’ve discussed ad nauseum the social, moral, ethical, religious, geopolitical, environmental, scientific, meteorological, pharmaceutical, astronomical, and diabolical implications of a woman breaking through and winning a major poker tournament. No need to elaborate further. So we’ll just note that the world may very well be turned on its head, or flipped on its ear, or let’s just make up a new phrase like "180’d on its nose" if Tran or Liebert break through. Women have been challenging for major titles for some time, so it should come as no surprise that one of them would finally freaking win one already.

And despite what some might think, this is totally OK by us. See we here at Wicked Chops Poker occasionally like change and definitely like surprises, so long as its not a surprise birthday party, because people yelling loudly at us make us angry, and you don’t wanna see us when we’re angry. We’re not suggesting nor implying anything, but let’s just say there’s a few holes in the desert where people who made us angry by surprising us for our birthday are now buried. Because we killed them. And put them there. Wink wink.

Final table chip counts are: 1) EG Harvin – 4,680,000, 2) Mimi Tran – 2,519,000, 3) Kathy Liebert – 2,500,000, 4) Nenad Medic – 1,281,000, 5) Michael Perry – 682,000, 6) Michael Omelchuk – 533,000.

Post-script: The above picture is of no one at the TV final table, but of seventh place finisher Farhad Sinaei. We only put this photo up in case you’re curious what a homeless Kevin Federline will look like in two years. Photo from Poker Pages.


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