WSOP By the Digits: Main Event Day 8

40,892 - Number of times we've heard that Erika Moutinho and David Sands are a couple.

After a one hour break, play is about to get underway again at the 2011 WSOP Main Event.

Like the movie Fast and Furious, action has been fast and furiousTM, as the field has already been reduced from 22 to 14.

With that in mind, here’s our latest WSOP by the DigitsTM.

14 – Number of players remaining in the 2011 WSOP Main Event as ESPN move to live coverage.

3 – Players (Ben Lamb, Bryan Devonshire, and Phil Collins) that if they get eliminated will cause many to rank this as the worst ME final table of all time.

8pm – About the time everyone in the so-called poker “media” is praying this ends by tonight.

2am – The time this will most likely end by…

7pm – …unless Ben Lamb wants it to end by 7pm. That’s right, he’s running so good, he can even control time at this point.

21 – Age of current chip leader Anton Makievskyi, which would make him the youngest ME champ of all-time.

$75Cost of membership to snag yourself a Ukrainian mail order bride, which would make you a horny old man.

1,749 – Number of generally awkward or uncomfortable comments Lon McEachern has made during the live broadcasts. Somebody get that man a teleprompter.

62 (and counting…) – Approximate number of days longer it’s taken Full Tilt Poker to pay back U.S. players than PokerStars. Tilt, just because the Main Event has dominated news the past two weeks doesn’t mean this little issue hasn’t gone away yet. Don’t mean to ruin your day again, Ray Bitar, but handle your business.

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