The Launches on September 19th

If the launch goes as planned, CIE offices will be chucking deuces like Victor Oladipo.

If the launch goes as planned, CIE offices will be chucking deuces like Victor Oladipo.

So maybe it wasn’t quite the way they wanted to roll it out (i.e. during the actual World Series of Poker), but online poker site is finally launching in Nevada on September 19th.

Tens of dozens of Nevada players are eagerly pounding on’s virtual doors.

Crapping on Nevada’s liquidity base aside… launching is a big deal–and not just because it is the second legally operated U.S. online poker site going live (Ultimate Poker, of course, being the first).

The WSOP is the single biggest poker brand in U.S. America. If any site is going to be successful in the U.S. [until PokerStars re-enters the market], all industry insiders believe it will be

But how successful will it be?

Think of the as the safest pick in the NBA draft. Maybe it doesn’t have the freakish athleticism, uber bouncability, non-stop motor, and stratospheric upside that Jay Bilas loves, but it absolutely has the highest floor of any U.S.-based online poker site. It’s the Victor Oladipo of online poker sites–potential to be the best with almost no chance at failure.

The also provides the measuring stick by which all other sites will be judged. “What’s the WSOP’s numbers today?” we can see Eric Morris asking in his Ultimate office. “Is that more or less than us? Yes I can add!” [Googles “addition and subtraction”]

For more insight, we asked Merch for his thoughts on the launch:

Whooooo doggie. I whittled a measuring stick out of a branch from a Chesnut Oak Tree in Aught Seven. You gotta know the proper amount of ingredients in my moonshine. I shipped a batch to Vodka Samm earlier this month that I didn’t properly measure and well, we all saw what happened there. Did I tell you that Rommie mixed over a gallon of apple pie moonshine last weekend? Plus I have a gallon of lemon drop cooling before I pour it into the jars. Lemon drop and apple pie will definitely be drinkable right after the next full moon.*

Or in other words, if the measures up to our expectations, the poker community will go streaking, happy drunks ready to party like it’s 2005. If the’s performance doesn’t measure up to our expectations, still expect a good time, but maybe with a Vodka Samm level hang-over.

Read more about the launch here.

* Only parts of that quote were made up and we’re not even kidding.


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