WSOP Europe Goes Bye-Bye for A Year; WSOP APAC Moves to October

Daniel Negreanu will have to wait 6 months to defend his WSOP APAC title.

Daniel Negreanu will have to wait 6 months to defend his WSOP APAC title.

The World Series of Poker is shaking things up in 2014, kicking its European event to the side for a year and moving the APAC (i.e. The One Negreanu Won) in its place in October.

The move will lessen the overall global footprint of the WSOP each year, but likely allow them to maximize profits at their international locations.

Says WSOP head Ty Stewart:

“We are excited to return to Melbourne in 2014 for WSOP APAC and the beginning of a new era for our international championships. The WSOP standard is bigger, better and different. Moving to a rotational approach, with one international event per year, allows for better organization and more marketing in each region. We also want to do right by the players, and provide more value for their travel dollar. There is a glut of poker tournaments around the world, and our vision is to each year put on a single global showcase that can’t be missed.”

On Twitter, Stewart continued, likening the WSOP to golf in that you have the Ryder Cup alternating every other year with the President’s Cup. He continued in tweet form:

…Never desired to be a tour. WSOP stands 4 being special/different. But More committed than ever. Worldwide game. World Series.

What’s our expanded take? Given that the poker economy still isn’t what it used to be and likely never will be again, easing the travel burden on players is probably a good thing. And if the WSOP knows anything, it’s how to squeeze every dollar it can to boost profits, so if they believe that this move gives them additional marketing muscle to make a regional event a success, they’re probably correct.

Plus, fuck France. They don’t deserve a WSOP event every year.

Read more about the WSOP’s move here.


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