WSOP Main Event Banner Poll Results

The Full Tilt debacle did nothing to make people dislike Russ Hamilton any less...

The results are in.

Last week we polled our readers as to whose WSOP Main Event championship banner should be yanked (if anyone’s). We listed the usual suspects (Russ Hamilton, Chris Ferguson, and Amarillo Slim) as well as leaving an option open for our choice: no one’s banner should be hidden.

Here’s how our readers responded to Which Main Event Winners Should Have Their WSOP Banner Removed?:

  • Russ Hamilton – 37.25%
  • Chris Ferguson – 30.23%
  • Amarillo Slim – 6.5%
  • None – 23%
While Amarillo Slim is the only person listed who actually pled guilty to any nefarious charges–said charges were unrelated to poker, so most readers gave him a pass. While it’s not surprising that Russ Hamilton’s fat mug getting pulled was the top vote getter, what WAS surprising (to us) is how close Chris Ferguson was to him on the tally. Not a good sign for Ferguson (we refuse to call him “Jesus” any more) if he’s planning on showing his face around the halls of the Rio any time soon.

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  1. mikeeakin

    May 17, 2012 8:35 am, Reply

    dont really know much about ferguson dont really care about russ but can tell that slim did more for poker and gambling in general to bring it out of dark ages that just about anyone else ever. years ago if you ask any common everyday person about gambling the name amarillo slim would be the one they had on their mind . i knew him pretty well made money with him every time i went through amarillo. he had faults but who dosnt he should be remembered for what he did for poker and all of us owe him a great deal

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