WSOP Main Event Day 2 Coverage Tonight


Day 2 of the WSOP ME was one of the most entertaining and interesting days of the tournament, as pros made their moves and built their stacks as amateurs white-knuckle-clung to their tournament life, hoping to cash.  In fact, when the day ended, only six or seven players needed to bust before everyone made the money.

When the day started, rounders were dropping like flies, or some other metaphor indicating that many players were getting eliminated quickly.  Among them were Gus Hansen (maybe he needed to skip town again to avoid paying off his debt) and Chris Moneymaker (drunk).

The first featured table of the day included Layne Flack and Paul Darden. Later, things really picked up when Michael ‚ÄúThe Grinder‚Äù Mizrachi moved to the featured table with Flack.  As we all know, the Grinder, who before playing poker was the WWF’s Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake, is a machine, and he was taking his maniacal game to Layne Flack, who took it right back to him.  Should make for good TV. 

Chip Reese showed us why he‚Äôs one of the best ever, and Minneapolis Meehan consistently spewed comedic verbal poetry.  And Barry Paskin.  Oh Barry Paskin.  Paskin was in full stink/theatrics mode early on, and eventually had to change shirts because he smelled so damn bad.  We couldn‚Äôt get within 10 feet of the guy.

We also saw  Shannon Elizabeth go down in a four-way. Former world champ Greg Raymer started his ‚ÄúIs this the most impressive run in WSOP history?‚Äù, while another former champ, Dan Harrington, ended his.   And of course, we‚Äôre sure you‚Äôll see Johnny Rockets from Daytona hopping up on his chair and begging for his tournament life‚Ķand 15 minutes of fame. 

Read all of our day 2 coverage, and then tune into ESPN at 8 (PM, EST) tonight for their take.


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