WSOP News Flash – Marcel Luske Seen Wearing Jeans

(Post by Michele Lewis, a woman. Read more from Michele on her blog

Patrik Inside the WSOP Amazon Ballroom is serious business for players such as Patrik "not a hot chick" Antonius (right photo); however, step into the hallways and you will find a WSOP – Wanderer Seeking Out Pros for a light, to change 100 for a Krispy Kreme donut and whine a bad beat story to people that are looking for a light to curb the desire to buy a Krispy Kreme donut and hide from the players they owe money that whine bad beat stories. Whew, what a run-on.

Not WSOPing, I bumped into Marcel Luske who (looking suave but not Gerado Rico suave) was wearing jeans instead of a suit. Normally, I would post something really important like “Today I saw a guy wearing jeans at the WSOP” or “ I saw Phil Ivey wearing a Full Tilt hat” but this was a rare moment in poker. I had just posted Jeffrey Pollack and Luske were not wearing matching suits on Friday. Which was poker sarcasm because poker sarcasm is allowed on WCP as opposed to other sites where poker sarcasm is not allowed.

Turns out…

the poker sarcasm may have had some truth because Luske and Pollack were both wearing jeans. “It’s Saturday,” laughed a busy Pollack sporting a sports coat as he sped through the very cool Jerry-Lewis-Telethon-like WSOP Press Box. However, Luske explained that sometimes he actually wears jeans and has about 15 pair. Then he told me his AK ( I think) was crushed by J 4 in a satellite but this wasn’t whining because I asked him to open up and talk about his feelings.

Other things in the hallway to note… the Hottest Woman in Poker, Lacey Jones, wearing a skirt and carrying fresh homemade blueberry muffins for the WCP guys, Jeff Madsen, who may or may not have been eating ice cream, no sighting of Barry Greenstein text messaging but I’m sure it happened, Dr. Pauly giving back rubs for 50 cents a minute, no long lines and a red WSOP track jacket for sale which was probably designed by Lance Bradley of Bluff Magazine and

Patrik Antonius Pix by Michele Lewis


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