WSOP Not Planning to Move to Caesars

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At the 2007 World Series of Poker I posted on Pokerati things going on in the Amazon room. This year I will do the same but possibly eliminate Amazon Room from headlines because I’m convinced the 2009 WSOP will be at Caesars Palace. OK, I’m not really convinced because transferring the location wouldn’t have been exactly prudent in the middle of a leveraged buyout, especially during the subprime mortgage crisis.

Nonetheless, since the 2005 WSOP, many speculate a move because someone heard from a stripper…who is friends with a dealer… who may or may not have heard from a pro… who knows the guy at the valet really well. Despite the constant gossip, Jeffrey Pollack continues to explain the Rio provides an easy flow and user-friendly structure for the WSOP brand.

So, I asked him to clarify any assumptions, rumors and expectations. Pollack stated today:

“The rumor about a move to Caesars is completely without merit. The Rio is the home of the WSOP and a terrific home at that. There is no discussion about moving from the Rio.”

There you have it…print it, fold it and take it to your table to let your dealer and opponents know the (current) facts. You might also want to tell them it’s common business practice of corporations to keep things quiet until it is a done deal or the time is right. Yet, that very thought keeps me hopeful while thinking of WSOP dinner breaks at Raos rather than Sao Paulo.

PS – I don’t have any pictures of hot chicks. Perhaps someone can take some of the Rio’s Sapphire Pool girls on break at Starbucks, which is next to the Sao Paulo Café. Provided they say "yes" which is not the new "no."


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