Xuan Liu Looks To Make It Back-to-Back Hot Girls at EPT San Remo

It could be back-to-back hotties at the EPT San Remo.

Last year, Liv Boeree, a woman, took down the EPT San Remo, shooting her into poker superstardom.

This year, Xuan Liu looks to do the same.

Liu, a hot little Canadian grinder who Barry Greenstein would literally saw off an arm for, finds herself in contention at the EPT San Remo final table. She’s stacked sixth overall at 1,740,000.

The significantly less attractive Rupert Elder is the overall chip leader, stacked at 8,005,000. He’s followed by Max Heinzelmann with 7,885,000.

Joe Cada busted in 13th for $35,000 (EUR).

First place banks $930,000 (EUR). Get full final table chip counts here.

* Xuan Liu image from Poker Center.


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