Yevgeniy Timoshenko Among WPT Championship Day 1 Leaders

Watch Evy Ng goes Dutch on

Registration hasn’t closed yet, but a probably-less-than-hoped-for 161 have signed up so far for this year’s WPT Championship.

Of the 161 who entered, 138 have made it to Day 2. One-time WPT winner Shawn Buchanan is the chip leader, stacked at 388,600. Last year’s WPT Championship winner and looking less-like-a-chick-these-days, Yevgeniy Timoshenko, is among the big stacks at 277,375.

Other big named big stacks include some guy named Phil Ivey (230,250), Prahlad Friedman (204,000), and Beth Shak, a woman (189,725).

Get full chip counts here.

In somewhat related news, 27 currently remain at the EPT San Remo. Dmitry Stelmak is first overall with 2,270,000. He’s followed by Allan B√¶kke with 2,200,000. Liv Boeree, a woman, is still alive with 825,000. Follow the action here.

Finally, in totally unrelated news, above is Evy Ng‘s latest vlog. She and her boyfriend Lex Veldhuis do not appear to be playing in the WPT Championship, unless they happen to register today. There. Now it’s semi-related.


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