You Can’t Spell HORSE Without H-0

We snapped our new stock photo for Gus Hansen tonight during the HORSE event.

We haven’t a clue who the hooker girl is above. We just know that she walked out onto the floor of the World Championship HORSE event at the 2008 WSOP earlier tonight without a care in the world, and started to chum and chat it up with Daniel Negreanu at his table for awhile.

After she walked away, Daniel said he had no idea who the girl was.

The big-boobed buttaface then found Gus Hansen at his table across the room, and as you’d expect, the self-proclaimed ladies’ man was more open to having a conversation than Daniel was, and by conversation we mean having her sit on his lap while he played, getting David Williams to snap photos of the two, getting her phone number and generally enjoying her huge breasts in his face before she was more or less escorted away.

And of course our photog was right there to capture all of the above.

Click away to see her in action below . . .


4 Responses

  1. James

    June 26, 2008 6:27 pm, Reply

    I don’t know what’s worse. Her stallion like face, or Gus Hansen, a grown man, with a popped collar!!

  2. Victoria

    July 31, 2008 11:54 pm, Reply

    You’re certainly not the TMZ of the WSOP. Although like you,TMZ has the trash effect, it’s somehow based around slight reality. Unlike you people with far too much time on your hands , the paparazzi rejects, who would rather photograph an innocent 22 year old student and frame her as a Las Vegas slut. Pictures tell a thousand words don’t they? Here are a few of the thousand which are actually accurate….I’ve played poker with my family since I was a child. My parents would give my brother and I a few bucks in quarters, nickels, and dimes to play a friendly, family game of cards. I learned to play poker young, and that gamble never faded. As I’ve grown, I gradually picked up more and more about the game. I’ve read all the books, studied poker, dealt it, and played it just as I’ve learned. I’m an east coaster, so I’ve been to A.C.many a time, but Vegas only twice. So upon this visit, I was given, and by given I mean handed, allowed openly, the opportunity to meet several famous poker players. To my friends these poker folk are random faces to be forgotten. To me, they were my superstars, the people I’ve watched for years on TV, and a few of whose books I’ve been privileged enough to read. So upon the much welcomed opportunity to meet my “idols”, I sat with them. I talked to them. I left the H.O.R.S.E tournament feeling on top of the world. In the aftermath, I’ve been called the worst of the worst, depicted as a slut, made out to be a whore. If I were a man, would I still be molesting Gus Hansen? My photo was welcomed by him. If I was an A cup would I still be accused of such demeaning acts? I’m somebody’s daughter, I’m someone’s sister, I’m no ones whore. I am not dressed like a hooker, but presented as one, solely because I’m one of the very very few females who frequents the poker room. If there had been 1,000 women among the thousands of us, would I be recognized?I I’d be a passing face, one of the few. But, because women’s faces aren’t familiar in the poker room, I’m pegged as a whore. I assure you….I promise you, I’m no whore.I’m no slut. And I’d greatly appreciate any readers of this bogus site, to acknowledge me as nothing other than some girl in the poker room. Which, is exactly what I was….some girl in a poker room.

  3. Helpful Hints

    May 6, 2010 5:43 am, Reply

    How Not To Get Mistaken For a Prostitute ~ 1. Wear clothing that’s no more than one size too small. 2. Make sure “cosmetics” aren’t labeled ‘Krylon’ or ‘Sharpie’. 3. Try to avoid wearing heels and shorty shorts at the same time. 4. Don’t sit on strange men’s laps.(even if they’re semi-famous) ~ Just doing my part to make sure no more “innocent” 22 year olds find themselves accused of being ladies of the evening.

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