You Stay Classy San Diego

From the desk of Ron Burgundy (aka snake):

A disgrace to criminals everywhere, the two wanna-be thugs but certainly slugs who tried to rob 2005 WSOP champ Greg Raymer were finally nabbed in San Diego, the city otherwise made famous by Pandas*, Shamu and the almost-as-funny-as-Fletch flick Anchorman. At the time of their arrest, the dimwit duo, Kevin R. Joy, 35, and Deem Cassim, 31, were doing what any respectable tough guys would be doing in their free time, selling toy helicopters at a San Diego fairground (at least it was in conjunction with a gun show).

These two kind of remind me of the bungling burglars in one of my favorite poker-tinged movies, Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. If you haven’t seen it yet or ever imagined what you‚Äôd do if you owed a mob boss half a million quid from a poker game, go rent it today or add it to your poker disc collection.

Speaking of movies of the poker kind, Hollywood is catching on. Curtis Hanson, who directed LA Confidential, is calling the shots on the forthcoming Lucky You, a film apparently set among the poker tables of Las Vegas. Whether they‚Äôll hit or miss we‚Äôll see. From reader comments it seems like Tinseltown did with the Stu Ungar Story, which to me is like a newbie poorly playing bullets in the hole with a favorable flop; you’re dealt the best possible hand and you still find a way to screw it up. I’m predicting it may take a few, shall I say, flops on the Hollywood felt before we finally see a good hand.

* This post previously listed Three’s Company as one of the reasons why San Diego is famous, until a reader correctly noted that the sitcom was actually set in Santa Monica, about 130 miles north of San Diego. As a result, instead of providing a link to the infamous Three’s Company shower scene, we have included a link to the ever popular San Diego Zoo Panda Cam. Happy viewing!


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  1. Walker

    May 4, 2005 7:39 am, Reply

    So I was sitting there, looking down the barrel of two sunny-side up eggs. I was certain the fat chump sitting to my left is holding monkeys and pistols, so I raise. The flop comes, a sand castle! Now it’s anybody’s game. Everybody else folds, so now it’s just me and fatso. Then, out of nowhere, a rat comes an bites me in the ass on shit creek. I was totally wrong and he was holding rattlesnakes! Who knew?
    Ok, ok, so I don’t know shit about poker, but I do know this: I was watching tv the other night and found out that Howard Lederer (who I think belongs somewhere with the Hominids on the evolutionary chart) has the nickname of “The Professor”. That is also the long-time nickname of RUSH drummer, Neil Peart.
    I’m not cool.

  2. snake

    May 4, 2005 1:20 pm, Reply

    so famous it spread to san diego. and actually, santa monica was made famous by the incredibly gorgeous girls who live there thus attracting producers of sitcoms to use the place as a setting so they could spend time away from their wives working in the same city where their mistresses lived. but yes, you are correct and as they say … when in Rome. (has anyone not seen Anchorman yet?)

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