You’re Best Shot at Getting Stupid Rich

The ridiculously simple online audition process for “Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker II” ends soon, or if calendars are to be believed, in 10 days.

Those who want to appear on the “Apprentice”-like, poker-themed reality TV show in which 12 amateur poker players (no pros or celebs like last year) live it up for a month and compete for a $2 Million Grand Prize package have until May 6 to either upload a recent photo of yourself (so they know you don’t look like this) or submit a one-minute video making a case for why you’d be great for the show.

Just go to to get it done.

Really, just upload a photo? It’s kind of ridiculous how easy this is, like banging’ Britney in rehab easy, but without the itch.

And if you are one of the 12 who make it on the show, you have a 1 in 12 chance, according to the team of expert statisticians we just consulted, to win $1,000,000 in cash and a $1,000,000 contract to join Bodog’s poker team.

Wow, $1 Million in cash. Just what we need, another million dollars. Seriously, as entities who aren’t so much into money as we are made of money, we often ask ourselves, “When is enough ever enough?” Do we really need another yacht for our Pacific fleet, or another white tiger for the Vegas condo, or another shipment of kalishnikovs and RPGs for the guerillas in Myanmar?

Actually we never ask ourselves this question. It’s a stupid question.

Bdgirlssamira14_3Unfortunately though, we found out after making a video of ourselves to the tune of “Beautiful” by James Blunt that we can’t compete on the show for reasons that have nothing to do with us being the half-brothers of Bodog’s Calvin Ayre and more to do with the fact that we get shipped Bodog girls to our Vegas and Atlanta offices every month in exchange for that advertisement you see on the right.

Oh well, guess we’ll settle for lovely Bodog Girl Samira, who you can see looking lovely after the jump . . .



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  1. snake

    April 27, 2007 2:03 pm, Reply avoid a potential conflict of interest we had our new intern LoverBoy write it up. We fired him this morning because his post failed to also hawk Bodog’s Sunday $100k guaranteed where a winner walks away $25,000 richer each and every week. Bodog Poker. Play Hard.

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