Zsuzsanna Ripli Is The Friday Night Parting Shot

Zsuszsanna Ripli is our Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

Zsuzsanna Ripli is our Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

We’ve been getting a lot of hits from Hungary this week thanks to sites like MachoPoker.hu so for this week’s Friday Night Parting Shot Girl we’re featuring one of their very own, Hungarian model Zsuzsanna Ripli (or is it Ripli Zsuzsa?). We don’t know much about Ripli except that she is tall, thin, has killer boobs and her name looks like something we’d come up with if we blindly hit letters on our keyboard.

Click thumbnails below, and for even more of Ripli, we suggest Google Image searching “Ripli Zsuzsa” and do so with safe mode off. Go ahead and thank us now.

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  1. AaronK

    June 5, 2009 11:58 pm, Reply

    Just FTR Pokernews.com in a earlier update noted that a certain Ginger busted someone and may have stolen their soul…..

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